Hostgator Coupon Code 75% OFF-Huge Discount

Now it is time to share some exclusive Hostgator Coupon Codes which will provide you discounts upto 75%. This huge discount is on Hostgator Shared Hosting packages. I am pretty sure that you can not find better Hostgator Coupon codes than these. Before sharing the coupons, let me tell something about Hostgator!

It is always confusing for a newbie that how to select the best web hosting. In fact, choosing the best web hosting is the most critical part of your online business.  Hostgator is one of the best and famous web hosting service provider which has been offering top class service since the last few years. Their Web Hosting plans, particularly the Shared Hosting packages are of best value for every penny you spend. I have been hosting my websites with them for the last 4 years and never encountered any issue till now.

Why I like Hostgator?

I have found the below mentioned features from my personal experience.

  1. Cheap price, but probably the fastest shared hosting service on the planet!
  2. Beginner friendly Hosting. The interface is ultra simple and CPanel is very much convenient to use.
  3. Adequate Resources available: My sites hosted at Hostgator never gave any Waring about low bandwidth or memory limit. They provide sufficient I/O limit and hence users will have a fast experience on your site.
  4. No annoying Waring messages about Cache Plugins or compatibility issues with other useful plugins.
  5. Top class hosting customer support. The customer support executives are efficient and helpful.
  6. 45 days Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like them, get a refund within this period.

Below are the latest Hostgator Coupon Codes.

Hostgator Coupon Code 75 OFF

Let me tell you first that this Hostgator Coupon Code 75 OFF is valid only for Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting is the most famous and cost effective of all Web Hosting types which has been adopted by millions of people worldwide. Almost all newbies start their first web site on a Shared Hosting. Interestingly, Hostgator Shared Hosting plans are suitable for experts as well as beginners. A rough estimate is that Shared hosting can handle upto 30K visitors per month.

While purchasing Hostgator Hosting, remember to un check the Additional services like Sitelock, Codeguard etc.

 75% OFF on Shared Hosting Packages.

Coupon Details: This coupon code will give you 75% discount. For example, the Baby Plan with unlimited websites and bandwidth is available for $35.85 for 1 year.

It is very difficult to find a Hostgator Renewal Coupon. So I always recommend to go for Hosting Plan of longer duration to maximize the profit. The longest one, 3 years plan is available for just $89.55 with the above coupon! My opinion is that while your are getting Baby Plan at 75% discount,there is no point in going for the Hostgator Hatchling Plan which can host only 1 website. Now if for any reason the above Hostgator Coupon Code 75 OFF is not working for you, try the below coupons which will give upto 65% OFF.

 65% OFF on All Hosting Packages.

Coupon Details: This Hostgator coupon code will give you 65% discount. Valid only for 3 year Plan.

 60% OFF on All Hosting Packages.

Coupon Details: This Hostgator coupon code will give you 60% discount. For example, the Baby Plan with unlimited websites is available for $57.36 for 1 year.

Hostgator Coupon Code 50 OFF on All Hosting Packages

Coupon Details: You will get 50% discount on 2 year or 3 year plan and 40% OFF  on 1 year and shorter plans.

Hostgator Baby Plan for 6 months for just $15!

Coupon Details: With this promo code, you can get 6 months Shared Hosting Baby Plan for just $15! Baby plan can host unlimited sites with unlimited bandwidth.

Hostgator 1 cent Coupon

Coupon Details: All Shared Hosting Packages for 1 month for just $0.01!.

40% Discount on VPS Hosting

Coupon Details: Get 40% discount on all VPS Hosting Plans.

How to use Hostgator Coupon Codes?

Follow the below mentioned steps to apply the coupons and get the discounts .

  1. Goto and select the Type of Hosting you need. Here I am assuming that you are choosing Shared Hosting. Other hosting types like Cloud Hosting,VPS, Dedicated server etc. are also there. You may click on the “Get Started Now” button also.hostgator website hosting
  2. Now select the Plan you require and click “Sign up Now”. The most famous one is Baby plan for shared hosting. It supports unlimited websites and bandwidth.hostgator hosting plans
  3. You can register a new domain or input your existing domain name by clicking on “I already own this domain”.
  4. In the next step, choose the length of Billing Cycle. I recommend choosing a longer billing period as there are no Hosting renewal coupons available. Only first time customers/ first billing can use the discount coupons.Hostgator coupon and plans
  5. Enter a username and Security PIN and your Billing info.
  6. Next is the “Add Additional Services” Section. You may un check all of them. They are not required for almost all users.hostgator promo code
  7. Next step is to input the Hostgator Coupon Code you got above in the “Enter a Coupon Code” field and click on “Validate”. The coupon will get applied and you will see the discounted price.hostgator coupon code 75 off
  8. It is noted that sometimes after applying the coupon, some Additional Services are getting automatically selected. In that case, just un check the Additional Service again.
  9. Now accept the TOS and click on Checkout Now and proceed for payment. If you pay using credit card, they may ask for additional verification info. So I recommend paying using Paypal.

Great! You have purchased the best  shared hosting package at a huge discounted price. Enjoy the blazing fast web hosting and spread the happiness by commenting below. You can also let me know if any of the coupons are not working.